A Little Late Night Musing Because I Can’t Sleep

I’ve always had a draw towards vampires. Not in the mundane “They are pretty! Oh! Bite me Lestat! Oh! TEAM EDWART!!” But in the “I think these are really kick ass creatures and I want to be like them.”

No not the beautiful, immortal bit.

The violent, bloodsucking way. The “I could easily snap every bone in your body and then have you for lunch ” sort of way.

As a small kid I didn’t have many good self defense mechanisms but OH A VAMPIRE ME COULD- a vampire me could rip the bullies who were pushing me into the ground and taking my lunch money and  making fun of the fact my parents were divorced throat’s out and watch them scream into the night.

I also loved how vampires stereotypically held themselves. That cold, grand, old, regal, “better than you” manner. The fluid yet some how immovable manner.

Not to say that “Oh look I want to be a soulless thing. For the sake of self protection!” But in an “I don’t give two shits about good versus evil, I’m going to exist for me.”  Sort of inhabitant lifestyle.

And that’s what most vampires in things are. Moral centred.

And thatt’s why vampires will always be my role models. 

night all

keep chill

how am i supposed to adult?


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how do people major in mathematics dont you love yourself

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why do the str8s have to ruin everything?

why do str8 men think everything is for them and their consumption

I don’t know but I was just thinking like why do ppl call men in sexy positions in movies “homoerotic”? Like as if there are no straight women there as if that could ONLY be for men

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doctor who + soundtracks

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Italians don’t wear pockets.

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Orphan Black fandom: Self-proclaimed dorks.
Lost Girl fandom: Self-proclaimed Pervs.
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slythgeek inquired:

So Master, what's the best place the Doctor has ever taken you?
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people are always like “WE ARE NOT ALL LIKE THAT!!!!>:(“” but ok like ive met ONE cishet white boy that wasnt sexist or racist or homophobic. One. ive been alive for 15 years and Only One 

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